Consulting & Coaching

Jenae Spry, founder and owner of Rx Translations provides a variety of consulting services to freelancers and small businesses. She specializes in productivity for freelancers and improving vendor relationships for agencies and small businesses.

Productivity Coaching – 15 minutes FREE!
For freelancers and independent contractors

Jenae did not come from a business background of any kind. Instead, she spent the first couple of years learning how to run a business instead of making money. Let’s face it, you might be the best translator anyone has ever seen, but if you can’t be productive and figure out business basics, you’ll be left struggling when you could be thriving. Freelance translators working full time and producing high quality translations should be making somewhere around $80,000 – $100,000 a year. If you’re not, and it’s not by choice (e.g., working part time), then there’s room for improvement.

15 minutes FREE! Set up a brief meeting with Jenae free of charge to determine whether she can help you. This help might involve restructuring your administrative process, creating a workflow from scratch, providing accountability, budgeting, and more. If you’re already doing everything right, then you’re just out a few minutes of your time—no money spent! You can find out more about her coaching at

Vendor Relations Consulting
For agencies and small businesses

Jenae truly enjoys helping build bridges between freelancers and the companies that hire them. Do you struggle to find good linguists? Do you feel like they don’t understand your needs? There might be some very simple tweaks to drastically improve this vital relationship.

For more information on Coaching and Consulting, check out Success by Rx, Jenae’s blog dedicated to providing information on improving productivity, quality, communication and success.